Tooth Fillings in Adelaide

Tooth Fillings in Adelaide | Dentist Torrensville Nothing lasts forever, including your teeth. No matter how much you want them to always remain strong and healthy, your teeth can still suffer from damage. If you have worn, chipped, or decayed teeth, Tooth Fillings in Adelaide at Western Clinic Dental may be the best for you.

Say goodbye to damaged teeth and say hello to strong teeth and dazzling pearly whites with Western Clinic Dental ‘s tooth fillings.

Reasons For Getting Tooth Fillings in Adelaide

A tooth filling is a material bonded to your teeth to return it to its natural shape and function. Fillings are made of durable materials and participate in your teeth’s functions such as chewing, grinding, and biting.

With modern dentistry at Western Clinic Dental, Tooth Fillings In Adelaide are not only durable but are also tooth-coloured. You don’t have to worry about anything looking unnatural in your mouth!

The following are the reasons for getting tooth fillings:

  • Decayed tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Small gaps in between teeth

Types Of Tooth Fillings And Their Uses

Fillings for the front teeth – If the damage is in the front teeth, your dentist recommends composite and glass ionomer fillings. These fillings are tooth coloured, and have the look and feel of a natural tooth.

Fillings for the back teeth – If the damage is in the back part of your mouth, your dentist recommends silver or composite fillings. The materials used for these fillings are made to withstand the pressure from grinding and chewing.

Benefits Of Tooth Fillings in Adelaide

Western Clinic Dental doesn’t use amalgam fillings in its dental treatments. Amalgam fillings have mercury content and could pose dangers to your health. Along with that health advantage, the following are the benefits associated with Tooth Fillings In Adelaide:

  • Protect tooth from further decay.
  • Strengthen weak teeth.
  • Improve bite capacity.
  • Save tooth from extraction.
  • Fill in the gaps in between teeth.
  • Improve smile impression.

Tooth Fillings in Adelaide Procedure In Western Clinic Dental

Only your dentist at Western Clinic Dental can determine if you require a tooth filling. Once this need is established, the following procedures are followed:

  • The tooth is cleaned, and the decayed parts are removed.
  • A dental dam is used to keep the target tooth dry from saliva during the procedure.
  • The tooth filling is applied, shaped, and bonded using a curing light to harden it in place.

Tooth fillings are quick and easy at Western Clinic Dental. Our aim is to give you a dazzling and healthy smile as soon as possible, to help you get back on your regular schedule right away.

Premium Quality Tooth Fillings in Adelaide at Western Clinic Dental

Tooth fillings are one of the multiple options under restorative dentistry. Western Clinic Dental provides premium quality tooth filling to answer all yours or your loved ones dental needs.

Say goodbye to dental difficulties today! Your dentists in Western Clinic Dental can help you.

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