Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions  | Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Dentist Torrensville Nobody wants to have his/her tooth extracted. But sometimes, tooth extractions are for the best. To save your other teeth, for instance, your dentist may recommend an extraction. At Western Clinic Dental, we make sure to extract a tooth only if there is no other option. We are looking out for your best interests.

Tooth extractions Western Clinic Dental are safe and secure. Our dentists are experienced in the field. With modern dentistry, tooth extractions are painless and comfortable.

If you think you need an extraction, see your dentist at Western Clinic Dental immediately to discuss your options.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extractions

Severe tooth decay.

Poor dental hygiene allows bacteria to thrive in your mouth. These bacteria attack your teeth and eat away the enamel. Your dentist can remedy this through fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations. Further neglect, even after dental restorations or through inattention, can leave your dentist with no choice but to remove a tooth.


Once the bacteria reach the pulp, infection and a dental abscess usually follow. Further neglect can leave your tooth beyond repair, hence extraction.

Impacted wisdom tooth.

An impacted wisdom tooth is a tooth that hasn’t properly erupted due to blockage. An impacted wisdom tooth seldom has symptoms. But if symptoms do arise, they can include swollen and bleeding gums near the wisdom tooth, pain in the jaw, bad breath, and swelling of the jaw.


To straighten crooked teeth, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction.

Gum disease.

Gum disease happens as a result of poor dental hygiene and not visiting your dentist when necessary. As the gum disease progresses, pockets in the gum deepen, causing a loose tooth, and leaving your dentist no choice but extract it.

The abovementioned cases show that tooth extraction can often be avoided if immediate attention and proper oral hygiene are practised. But in those cases, your dentist at Western Clinic Dental still wants the best for you, even if that is a tooth extraction.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Your dentist will determine the best way to remove the tooth through an X-ray. A simple extraction is done if the tooth is visible. But in the case of an impacted tooth, a surgical extraction is often needed. A small incision is made in the gums before the extraction.

In both cases, your dentist at Western Clinic Dental will look into your medical record to see any previous treatment or existing condition that might affect the extraction. Rest assured that every precaution is exercised before the extraction. It’s a safe and painless procedure at Western Clinic Dental.

Benefits Of Tooth Extraction

A Tooth extraction has the following benefits:

  • Prevents decay from spreading to the other teeth.
  • Stops possible dental issues from an impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Prepares your mouth for orthodontics work.
  • Prevents spread of infection.
  • Aligns the teeth in the case of crowded teeth.

Safe And Painless Tooth Extractions At Western Clinic Dental

No matter how much you hate to have a missing tooth, sometimes tooth extractions are for the best. Rest assured that at Western Clinic Dental, your dentist will look for other possible options before recommending extraction.

It’s a safe and painless tooth extraction at Western Clinic Dental for you and your loved ones in Torrensville.

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