Dental Sealants | Dentist Torrensville Keeping your teeth is easier nowadays, thanks to the multiple options provided by modern dentistry. From preventive to cosmetic procedures, each option has been proven to help you achieve a healthy mouth and a picture-perfect smile.

One of these wonders is the dental sealant. Used by children and adults alike, dental sealants stop the progress of cavities by sealing teeth before cavities can take hold.

Visit your Western Clinic Dental dentist to learn if you are an ideal candidate for this amazing treatment.

Dental Sealants: What Are They?

Brushing and flossing are your number one weapons against tooth decay. However there are areas in your mouth that your brush can’t reach. Your molars, for instance are a favourite hiding place of food debris and bacteria.

Without regular dental check-up and clean, this hiding place may develop cavities, leading to tooth decay. This is where dental sealants come in.

A dental sealant is a thin, protective coating, usually made of plastic, which covers your teeth so the bacteria can’t set in. When partnered with good oral hygiene habits, dental sealants can go a long way towards saving your teeth.

Dental sealants are usually applied onto your mouth at an early age, preferably once your first set of molars appear. Sealing them makes sure that they are cavity-free. Sealants can also be applied on teeth plagued with tooth decay that are still in the early stage of the damage. The sealants stop the decay.

Benefits of dental sealants

Dental sealants are one of Western Clinic Dental’s preventive dentistry services and provide the following benefits.

Save money.

All preventive dentistry services are known for helping you avoid expensive dental treatments by stopping dental issues before they happen.

Save your teeth.

With your teeth safely covered with dental sealants, cavities cannot develop.

Stop tooth decay.

Dental sealants can be used to stop the early stages of decay and cover the tooth from further damage.

No side effects.

Other than allergic reaction, there are no cases of side effects for dental sealants.

The Dental Sealants Procedure

It’s a quick and non-invasive procedure at Western Clinic Dental. It only takes one visit!

First. Your dentist will clean and dry your teeth before the acidic gel is placed on the target teeth. The acidic gel will roughen the teeth’s surface so the sealant can bond properly.

Second. After a few seconds, the acidic gel is removed and your tooth is dried again in preparation for the sealants.

Third. The sealants are applied and hardened by a special blue light.

Just like that, and your teeth are further away from cavities! Dental sealants are proven to effectively reduce tooth decay by 90%.

Healthy Teeth At Western Clinic Dental

Raise your teeth’s chances by getting dental sealants today! We want the best for you here at Western Clinic Dental. Our team is dedicated to helping you keep your oral health in perfect shape.

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