Broken Dentures | Dentist Torrensville Dentures are one of the multiple options in restorative dentistry. They are a popular choice because of their practical and aesthetic benefits. They effectively restore your day-to-day functions in eating and speech, as well as boosting confidence.

However, despite their sturdy and durable nature, dentures are still vulnerable to damage, leaving the wearer in discomfort and inconvenience.

When your dentures break, it is important to have a trusted go-to dentist to turn to. Western Clinic Dental provides a same-day emergency appointment for dental emergencies such as broken dentures. For immediate response, call and visit your Western Clinic Dental dentist right away.

What Causes Damage To Dentures?

Dentures (both partial and full) are fabricated with sturdy materials. They are carefully measured and manufactured to ensure longevity. However, certain factors may damage them, such as:

Wear and tear.

Every day your dentures take on the job of your teeth. All the grinding, chewing, and biting has an impact on their strength. Over time, your dentures slowly depreciate and weather until they reach their breaking point.

Improper care/abuse.

Proper care is necessary for everything including dentures. To maximise their use, it is important to take good care of them. Using them as tools in functions aside from your teeth’s normal functions can cause damage to them. Biting down, chewing hard, and sharp foods can also contribute to damage. Anything abusive is bad.


Your dentist will have advised you to remove your dentures every night to let your gums rest. Doing this takes great care and attention. Every time you remove them, they are exposed to breakage from falling, or misplacement.

Ill-fitting dentures and progressive bone loss.

Dentures that are not perfectly fitted in your mouth can fall out and break. They are also unstable and move around causing cracks and damage. Progressive bone loss can also cause ill-fitting dentures.

Knowing the possible cause of broken dentures is important in taking care of them. Talk to your dentist for tips on how to effectively take care of your dentures.

First Aid Steps

In case of broken dentures, the best thing to do is call your dentist right away. The earlier you schedule your appointment, the earlier you can get back to your regular schedule.

There are denture repair kits available in drug stores. However, we strongly discourage you from using them. Most denture repair kits are ineffective. Even worse, attempting to fix broken dentures yourself can result in further damage, making it more difficult for your dentist to repair them. Repair requires the skill and knowledge of your dentist.

Another reason it is important for you to see your dentist right away is for proper assessment. Your dentist will check if your old dentures still fit perfectly, and from there proceed to the best option for you.

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