Bad Breath Treatment | Dentist Torrensville Probably one of the most upsetting dental conditions is bad breath. Nobody wants to talk to someone with a bad breath, and it can reduce your confidence to zero.

Another unfortunate thing is that bad breath sufferers are normally not aware that they suffer from it! Your own nose is desensitised to your breath, hence it cannot detect your breath’s foul smell. It takes an honest friend to break the news to you.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from bad breath, don’t suffer any longer! Western Clinic Dental provides treatment to chase the foul smell away. When it comes to bad breath, your Torrensville dentist knows exactly what to do.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The treatment process of halitosis or bad breath begins with knowing the cause of the bad odour. Treating the cause means ridding you of the foul smell plaguing you.

The following are the common reasons for bad breath:

#1. Poor dental hygiene

The food we eat can leave an after-scent in the mouth. This is easily solved by good oral hygiene habits such as brushing of teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. Poor dental hygiene allows the food residue to rot and cause havoc in your mouth.

#2. Diet

As noted, the food and drinks we take can leave a lingering smell in the mouth. Fondness towards spicy and exotic spices is a common culprit in foul smelling breath.

#3. Gum disease

Poor oral hygiene leads to multiple dental problems including gum disease. As the plaque accumulates, the gums recede, and a bad smell develops.

#4. Dry mouth

Another dental condition that is characterized by bad breath is dry mouth or xerostomia. Saliva, which helps clean your mouth and keep your teeth healthy, is decreased in this condition.

#5. Oral wounds/ infections

Infections in the mouth can be caused by conditions including dental abscess and poor dental work.

#6. Medical conditions

Bad breath is not only an indication of a developing dental issue. Sometimes those who have medical conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease may suffer from bad breath. Other conditions that affect your body’s metabolism can also cause bad breath.

#7. Smoking

The scent from smoking a cigar and other similar products may linger in your mouth.

Treatment At Western Clinic Dental

If you have bad breath, it is important to schedule an appointment with your Torrensville dentist right away. The treatment varies depending on the cause of the condition. However, treatment doesn’t end when your appointment ends. The continued practice of good dental hygiene is important to ensure fresher breath.

Our team at Western Clinic Dental ensures that you are fully educated on the helpful tips to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh every time. Habit correction is the core of the treatment process at Western Clinic Dental.

Fresher Breath At Western Clinic Dental

There is no need to suffer any longer! At Western Clinic Dental we can help you get that fresher breath and healthier smile.

Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments! Smile and speak confidently today!

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