6 Steps Towards Healthy White Teeth In Torrensville

Are you ashamed of your teeth? Are they a cause for hesitation to laugh or open your mouth confidently? If they do, there’s still a chance for your smile. We at Western Clinic Dental can help you achieve healthier and whiter teeth.

As proof of our commitment to you, we have listed six quick and easy steps towards healthy white teeth in Torrensville. Take a look.

1. Daily brushing and flossing.

Brushing and flossing are your number one weapons against oral health diseases. A good brushing should be at least two minutes, and must be done at least twice a day or after every meal if possible. Flossing should be at least once a day, preferably before hitting the bed, to remove food debris stuck in between teeth.

2. Use a normal, fluoride enhanced toothpaste.

Choosing the best toothpaste is very difficult. With the many options to choose from, each promising the amazing results, it’s hard to pick what’s best.

Our advice? Stick to normal toothpastes or those that are fluoride enhanced. Fluoride helps keep the teeth strong and healthy.

3. Choose a mouthwash with fluoride.

Acid from bacterial plaque removes enamel in the teeth, weakening them. Fluoride returns the lost enamel during remineralisation making teeth healthier and stronger in resisting acid attacks.

4. Visit your dentist regularly.

Regular brushing cannot remove all the plaque in your mouth. There are certain areas, like the molars, which are not easily reached or properly attended to. They become a place where cavities thrive.

A professional cleaning is needed to remove all plaque and tartar deposits in the mouth. Western Clinic Dental has a wide range of preventive dentistry services you can take advantage of.

5. Avoid foods that stain your teeth.

Your food not only leaves scents and plaque in your mouth. Food can also stain your teeth. Talk to your dentist or search the web to identify likely culprits. Wine and soda are typical suspects. Switch to equally healthy alternatives the next time you shop.

6. Stop smoking.

Smoking is proven to be bad for your oral health. It leaves yellow residue on your teeth, and causes slower healing time in the case of infected gums.

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